Elizabeth Ranieri

July 25, 2015 moderndesigner

Elizabeth  Ranieri

Architect Elizabeth Ranieri

from San Francisco, California in United States

  • 340 Bryant Street, Suite #300, San Francisco, California 94107 USA
  • info@kuthranieri.com
  • California 94107 USA
  • (+1)-415-543-9235
  • (+1)-415-543-9237
  • http://kuthranieri.com


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San Francisco, California, United States

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Byron Kuth and Elizabeth Ranieri began their partnership after earning degrees in architecture and fine arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. They established Kuth/Ranieri Architects in 1990. Their innovative projects integrate client needs with contemporary issues of design, technology, and environmental awareness. The firm works at the forefront of green building, committed to putting standard practices aside in favor of research and experimentation. They established Deep Green Design Alliance (DGDA) in 2006 as a think tank to further the study of sustainable industries and community empowerment.
The firm's projects span a broad range of scales, from installations and buildings that explore tactile and visceral experiences of environments to architectural and urban design proposals that investigate more universal problems of building, culture, and global environments. Central to the diversity of projects is an amplification of craft in the artifact, with an intention to arrive at open-ended propositions that favor a performative approach over a formal one. The firm's research and deployment of materials, components, and systems reflects an effort to precisely measure things that are often indeterminate or unknown. Through unveiling latent aspects inherent in each investigation, site, or program and lodged within strategies of sustainability, Kuth/Ranieri pursues a provocative and expressive environmental architecture.
Both principals have taught at CCA, Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, and as Freidman Professors at UC Berkeley. The firm has exhibited widely and won several national, state, and regional awards, including the Architectural League’s Young Architects and Emerging Voices awards and I.D. magazine’s annual award.
Kuth/Ranieri Architects was established in 1990 by partners Byron Kuth, FAIA, LEED, AP, and Elizabeth Ranieri, AIA, LEED AP. In addition to the two founding principals, the K/R team consists of seven staff architects and designers. The firm has earned a regional and national reputation for innovative works that integrate current cultural discourse with contemporary issues of design, technology, and the environment. Kuth/Ranieri's design methodology is based on a consultative, integrated process that encourages participation to ensure continual innovation. The form and image of each project is the result of a personalized relationship with the client, a deep understanding of program and budget, and an awareness of site and regional specificity. Present in the office's work is the belief that every building has the power to create rich contributions to the communities it serves. The work supports strongly defined intentions that express the broader conceptual ideas of the project..


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Degrees in architecture and fine arts from the Rhode Island School of Design


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