Landis Gores

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Landis Gores

Architect Landis Gores

from Cincinnati, Ohio in United States

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August 31, 1919

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

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Architect Landis Gores is an American architect from Cincinnati in Ohio. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Princeton in 1939. He took further studies in architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design. While at Harvard, Landis became close with fellow student Philip Johnson and professor Marcel Breuer, who would all later become members of the Harvard Five. This is a group known as the proponents of modern architecture.He servied in World War 2. Returning from the war in 1945, he worked with Philip Johnson. They were a good team: Johnson would design and Gores would draft the ideas to a polished result.
Architect Gores’ work has a common element. These elements are the large Prairie fireplace in residential houses. The Gores Pavilion, the Close House and Gores own house all contain this element. Another design is the use of natural light by incorporating grand glass windows into his building designs.Architect Gores's design was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and Walter Gropius's works. Visible is the use of Modern International Movement.
Architect Landis Gores' most popular work is the Gores Pavilion, in New Canaan, Connecticut. Gores was hired to design the building as a pool house and personal escape lodge for prominent lawyer John Irwin and his wife Jane Watson, daughter of the founder of IBM.


School Attended:
Graduate Studies Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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Summa Cum Laude from Princeton in 1939 Distinction as the "The Harvard Five", proponents of Modern Design