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from New York City, New York State in United States

  • 100 La Salle Street 6th floor, New York, New York 10027 USA
  • New York 10027 USA


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The work of the firm includes many realized residential projects in the United States as well as commercial and exhibition projects in Germany. Both partners are bilingual, with teaching and work experience in the United States, Switzerland, and Germany.
The firm’s approach to architecture aims to unify the clarity and immediacy of the clear ‘concept’ with smaller ‘motifs’ which contribute to the overall but can also be seen as independent elements in themselves. The unity and communicability of a design is generated first by answering spatial, formal and constructional questions holistically, with a unifying essential idea. The firm works towards the strongest visual expression of this idea while developing details or motifs at another, smaller scale. In these details, a 'bricoleur' sensibility, characterized by a hands-on, practical approach to construction, translates the conceptual framework into tactile terms.

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