AJLA ,Anthony J. Lumsden & Associates

October 13, 2016 WorldMaster

AJLA ,Anthony J. Lumsden & Associates

AJLA ,Anthony J. Lumsden & Associates

from Los Angeles, California in United States

  • 4201 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 210, Los Angeles, California 90010 USA
  • California 90010 USA


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A.J. Lumsden's architectural work focuses on developing productive responses to the useful complex realities of the world. It aims to question unnecessarily limiting dogma, and contribute to the general knowledge of 20th and 21st century architecture by incremental insights into the relationship of existing systems to a developing design methodology incorporating technology, natural light and related to functional dispositions, context, interior and exterior spatial quality, and the dynamic of human occupancy. Today, as in all great historical periods, an important aspect of a building is its contribution to the next of its kind. The work is a'posteriori in method, resolving conditions that cannot be excluded and relating aesthetic systems to productive massing and organizational dispositions. There is also a focus on the development of character-full form and complex spatial organization incorporating contemporary fabrication and construction systems related to serial organizations, technology, and computer analysis. Current projects include: international airports, city halls, housing, libraries, police and educational facilities.

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