Appleton & Associates, Inc

October 13, 2016 WorldMaster

Appleton & Associates, Inc

Appleton & Associates, Inc

from Santa Monica, California in United States

  • 1556 17th Street, Santa Monica, California 90404 USA
  • California 90404 USA


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Appleton & associates , Inc. Architects was established by Marc Appleton in 1976 and has offices in Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, California. The firm specializes in the planning and design of custom residential, institutional, and commercial projects for both private and public clients.
Design is a collaborative process with clients, inspired by and responsive to their specific desires, needs, program and budget. a harmonious relationship between the buildings and landscape is always an essential concern. The firm's work frequently draws upon the time-honored traditions of vernavular architechtures, subtly reinterpreting them to evoke a presence of the past. Appleton & Associates strives to avoid a repetitiously personalized style and the self-consciousness of 'signature' design, and is commited to the idea that architecture is a craft rather than an art, a process rather than an object. It agrees with William Wurster's view that architecture is for people: "the picture frame, and not the picture."

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