Bromley Caldari Architects

October 13, 2016 WorldMaster

Bromley Caldari Architects

Bromley Caldari Architects

from New York City, New York State in United States

  • 242 West 27 Street, New York, New York 10001 USA
  • New York 10001 USA


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Bromley Caldari Architects PC is an architecture and interior design firm located in New York City, working on projects across the United States and internationally. The company is a Pofessional Corporation founded in May, 1991 by partners Scott Bromley and Jerry Caldari, both licensed architects and members of the American Institute of Architects. The staff includes architects and designers who possess a high level of expertise and intuition. Architecture is both a process and product.
As a team, the office works with its clients to identify, assess and achieve the goals of that particular project. The office is interested in responses that successfully resolve pertinent design, function and cost issues on a variety of project types: residential, religious and commercial. Within the paramaters of a well managed studio/office, Bromley Caldari Architects provides a diverse mix of clients with rational, realizable and aesthetic design solutions.

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