CCS Architecture, CA

October 13, 2016 WorldMaster

CCS Architecture, CA

CCS Architecture, CA

from San Francisco, California in United States

  • 44 McLra Court, San Francisco, California 94103 USA
  • California 94103 USA


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CCS Architecture, the design studio of Cass Calder Smith, is dedicated to excellence in architecture and design. Since its inception in 1990, CCS has designed a diverse range of public and private buildings and interior living, working, eating, and more. The firm has gained international acclaim for the architectural and commercial success of restaurant projects, while the uniqueness of residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects has met with an unusual degree of owner satisfaction and media praise. CCS seeks to explore opportunities of maximum potential and express them at a scale appropriate to each project. The work is firmly based in the Modernist idiom where innovation and creativity are balanced by common sense and experience. The firm is known for creating projects with exceptional spatial and material qualities, and for providing outstanding professional service.

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