Dasilva Architects

October 13, 2016 WorldMaster

Dasilva Architects

Dasilva Architects

from New York City, New York State in United States

  • 104 West 29th Street, 10th Floor, New York, New York 10001 USA
  • New York 10001 USA


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da SILVA Architects strives to distinguish the working and qualitative environments of the clients it serves, via integrated architectural planning and design. da SILVA Architects was established in 1977. In 1977 two new principals joined the firm; prompting a period of expansion and growth. Significant investments in computer and software systems have streamlined the delivery of services. The firm moved to larger offices and augmented its staff size and experience levels to meet an increased workload.
The firm's standard approach to each project emphasizes proactive communication during every phase. The firm's principals meet regularly with technical staff to exchange ideas and information, providing a high level of support, back up and continuity that ensures success.

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