ELS Architecture and Urban Design

May 26, 2016 japoy

ELS Architecture and Urban Design

ELS Architecture and Urban Design

from Berkeley, California in United States

  • 2040 Addison Street, Berkeley, California 94704 USA
  • dfromm@elsarch.com
  • California 94704 USA
  • (+1)- 510-549-2929
  • (+)- 510-843-3304


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ELS is a San Francisco Bay Area architecture and urban design studio specializing in masterplanning and design of community, retail, mixed-use, recreation and education projects. Its areas of practice include the whole spectrum of public places-public buildings, campuses, shopping streets, malls, schools, sports and recreation facilities, theaters, cinemas, promenades and plazas. The firm understands how design transforms a variety of users into an active destination. The 50-person firm carefully tailors each project to respond to its site, context, and program collaborating with clients and users. The firm's designs have been featured in more than 135 publications and they have received over 80 intenational, national, regional, and local awards fpr design excellence, including the American Institute of Architects of California Council Firm Award in 1991; the National AIA Design Award in 1997 for the masterplanning of a district of Honolulu; and the California Energy Integration Honor Award 2001 for 'Superlative results in the areas of architectural design, energy performance... environmentally service design and creativity". ELS' best asset is the ability to realize complex spaces that flourish because of their broad public appeal.

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