Good Architecture

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Good Architecture

Good Architecture

from Helsinki (Helsingfors), Uusimaa (Nyland) in Finland (Suomi)

  • 132 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA
  • Maryland 21401 USA
  • (+1)-410-268-7414
  • (+1)-410-268-7438


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Established in 1986, Good Architecture is primarily engaged in the design of the private American house. Directed by Wayne L. Good, FAIA, the firm's work is guided by a profound belief in the dynamic and enduring qualities of tradition and classically inspired domestic architecture as a basis for contemporary design. Although a passionate observer of the contemporary architecture scene, Mr Good believes strongly that the cult of novelty is pervasive within the profession and ultimately is the "mother of mediocrity". Mr Good's houses are widely recognized for the skill with which he composes each client's unique vision into an exquisite architectural portrait of their personal dreams, memories, personalities, and spirit of place. Often asked to build on sites with historic significance, the firm's archiotecture is characterized by a strong connection to place and a distinct dialogue with history.

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