Line and Space

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Line and Space

Line and Space

from Adelaide, South Australia in Australia

  • Arizona 85701 USA
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For 27 years, Line and Space has studied and perfected its understanding of the climate and the land. Extensive programming assists in defining the true needs of both the client and the site. The firm's architecture shows reverence to the textures and forms of the fragile environment, recognizing the cooling effects of shade, shadow, and the efficient use of water and wind in harsh surroundings. Buildings take advantage of affordable native materials while stone, masonry, and stucco, are sensitively juxtaposed with wood, metal, and color. Such indigenous materials play an important role in the organic relationship that weld structure to the earth and how buildings that touch the sky contribute to their visual success. Line and Space's projects demonstrate that architecture is like art--it should please the senses while uplifting the spirit.

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