Pugh + Scarpa Architects

October 13, 2016 WorldMaster

Pugh + Scarpa Architects

Pugh + Scarpa Architects

from Santa Monica, California in United States

  • 2525 Michigan Avenue, F1, Santa Monica, California 90404 USA
  • California 90404 USA


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Pugh + Scarpa is an architecture, engineering, interior design and planning firm founded in Santa Monica in 1991. Pugh + Scarpa has grown to a firm of 43 professionals and is currently working on an assortment of commissions for public, private and institutional clients. Pugh + Scarpa maintains offices in Santa Monica, and San Francisco, California; and Charlotte, North Carolina. Gwynne Pugh AIA, Lawrence Scarpa AIA, and Angela Brooks AIA, are the sole principals. Pugh + Scarpa approaches each project as the continuation of an ongoing inquiry. The firm encourages a culture of ingenuity and exploration that enables it to maintain a fresh approach to every project unertaken. Ongoing research into materials and technologies as well as a constant re-examination of known conditions, accepted norms and established method leads to innovative solutions and stimulating new ways of approaching design. This is true regardless of the scale-big or small, whether for public or private use, for rich or for poor. This is an approach that has often led the firm to reinvent established building types.

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