Sander Architects

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Sander Architects

Sander Architects

from Brisbane, Queensland in Australia

  • 2413 Grand Canal, Venice, California 90291 USA
  • California 90291 USA
  • (+1)-310-822-0300
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Sander Architects seeks to find a balance between poetry and pragmatic. The design process begins with a consideration of essential elements: environment, program, physical and political site restrictions. Forms are then encouraged to developed which satisfy these basic needs and embrace the possibility of the poetic. In this way, a house for an Orthopedic Surgeon becomes a covert study in anatomy: metaphorical skin and bones. The elements that make up and aerobic studio, its interior architecture, and furniture, take on physical tendencies: tension, compression, torsion, sinew. The entry for a Sculptor's house is a 'vessel' whose proportions are based in a large-scale clay jar produced by the owner These strategies are covert, not obvious, and allow the built environments to resonate thematically with the program and the people who use them. It is a strategy of innuendo, not declaration, a struggle with nuance, an attempt at a quiet fertility. If the work celebrates what it means to inhabit, then in grander terms the work is a celebration of man's rhythms and rituals.

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