Toshiko Mori Architect

October 13, 2016 WorldMaster

  • 180 Varick Street, Suite 1322, New York, New York 10014 USA
  • New York 10014 USA


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Toshiko Mori established her firm, Toshiko Mori Architect in 1981. With a background in fine arts, Mori has a unique conceptual and aesthetic approach to each project, complemented by her research-based design process. Toshiko Mori's intelligent approacj to historical context, siting strategy, and the use of meterials reflects a creative integration of design and technology. Each project involves extensive studies in the historical precedence, site, and programmatic conditions, in order to provide an architecture that responds dialectically and appropriately. From commercial interiors, residences, museum, and exhibition design projects, to the specific ecological conditions from Maine to Florida, and her clients, Mori approaches each project with fresh and original insight. Rooted firmly in the tradition of modernist design, each project calls for economy of means and efficiency of structure to give it direction and continuity.

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