Ottawa-Carleton University

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Carleton University is a comprehensive university locatedin Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. The enabling legislation is The Carleton UniversityAct, 1952, S.O. 1952. Originally founded on rented premises in 1942, Carletonwould grow in size to meet the needs of returning World War II veterans andlater became Ontario's first private, non-denominational college. It wouldexpand further in the 1960s, consistent with government policy that sawincreased access to higher education as a social good and means to economicgrowth, and is today a public university, offering more than 65 academicprograms across a wide range of disciplines. Carleton is reputed for itsstrength in a variety of fields, such as engineering, humanities, internationalbusiness and many of the disciplines housed in its Faculty of Public Affairs(including international affairs, journalism, political science, politicalmanagement, public policy and administration, and legal studies).

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Carleton University

school: Ottawa-Carleton University

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada